Water filters for communities in need

Clean drinking water is lacking in many parts of Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria damages. We want to send water filters to communities we have connections to via colleagues on-island. Our effort focuses on Lifestraw water filters, and there are several models at https://lifestraw.eartheasy.com/. Another effort focusing on Kohler Filters (https://www.clarity.kohler.com/) can be found at https://www.aft.org/operation-agua.

The Lifestraw Family 1.0 filter costs $60-75, can filter at least 18,000 liters, and removes viruses, bacteria, and protozoans, (but not chemical contaminants). The Kohler filter costs $30, can filter at least 5000 liters, and removes 99.99+% of bacteria and protozoans (but not chemical contaminants).

Of the Lifestraw filters, the Community, Mission (specs: http://lifestraw.com/products/lifestraw-mission/), and Family 1.0 (specs: http://lifestraw.com/products/lifestraw-mission/) models are most appropriate. The Community model is currently sold out. The Mission model is especially for turbid water. The Family 1.0 model is good too.

The Family 1.0 model can be ordered from can be ordered for ~$60, plus shipping, from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/LifeStraw-Family-1-0-Water-Purifier/dp/B00FM9OBQS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1508777298&sr=8-1&keywords=life+straw+family+filter

The Family 1.0 model for ~$75 and the Mission model for $119 at (with a 30% discount available for both), plus shipping, from Earth Easy.  Their website is not working right now for shipping to Puerto Rico. Filters can be ordered for Puerto Rico by calling 1-888-451-6752, or by sending a message to service@eartheasy.com. For the 30% discount please give the code: LS30OFF. Tell them how many filters of what model, and where to ship them to.

Please have filters shipped to:

Fernando Rodrigues
Virology Laboratory, UPR Agr. Experimental Station
1193 Calle Guayacan
San Juan, PR 00926

Tel. 786-765-9984

We are participating with a network that is effective in distribution to communities in need. Because of the need to act quickly, we are not registered yet with the IRS, and donations are not tax deductible. But every filter you send will get to those who need them. Upon ordering filters, please send a message (with tracking number if available) to helpcaribe@yahoo.com , letting us know you have placed an order for Puerto Rico so we can watch for the shipment, and we will get back to you with a list of the communities who have received the filters. Please also send a message if you are having any problems placing an order.